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How To Maintain,Store And Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Each fine jewelry has it's special meaning and it is valuable to you for many reasons.Such as who gave it to you and who you inherited it from or for the special memory of you in a certain time.Anyway,no matter what reasons,you should maintenance and care it well,for they are important to you.

Here let's talk How To Maintain,Store And Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Maintain Properly

Dry silver is happy silver.Pure water by itself doesn't damage sterling silver, but most of the water we're exposed to in our daily lives is not purified. Chemicals and contaminants in the water can result in tarnished and dull looking silver, so it's best to take it off in below situations:

Remove your jewelry when playing sports or at the gym,for when you do exercise,it is easily profuse sweating.
Don't wear your jewelry when you have a shower and bathing,enjoying hot springs,hot tub,spa and saunas,swimming in the pool,lying out at the beach.
Don't wear jewelry when doing household chores,such as dishes,laundry,and when using cleaning supplies
Avoiding touching with cosmetic,put on your jewelry on after you have finished your hair and makeup to avoid spaying lotion,perfumes, hair spray or getting  unnecessary amounts of products on it.
Remove it when you are cooking, drinking or eating foods that contain sulfur (this includes eggs and mayonnaise).
Avoiding abrade when working,such as gardening.
Remove it when you sleep,it is easily be squeezed and causing twisting or damage.

●   Sealed storage.

How to maintain,store and clean the sterling silver jewelry

Store Sealed

Sterling Silver jewelry that won't be worn for a while must be sealed in a closed plastic or soft cloth bag to minimize exposure to oxygen, humidity and damage. In the long run,always keep your jewelry stored in a clean,sealed and dry place,with each piece separated to prevent them from scratching each other.However,the best way is to store your jewelry in a jewelry box,store it in the right way can extend its life and beauty.Some tips:

Choose a jewelry box large enough to hold all your pieces.
Make sure the box is lined with soft fabric.
Consider to have a fabric travel rolls,which is soft,relatively cheap and take up a little space in your bag.
Keep in your carry-on bag if you are flying.Don't put jewelry in your checked luggage.
Make sure each piece separated to prevent them from scratching each other.

Make sure any place you store jewelry is an acid-free environment. Many plastics and wood can contain acid, which will tarnish many metals.

Craft stores have tiny zip-lock bags that you can use to keep your Sterling Silver Rings,Sterling Silver Earrings,Sterling Silver Necklace,Sterling Silver Bracelets and Sterling Silver Bangles for individual storage- they'll stay separate and tangle-free.

Clean Professionally

The best way to make sure your 925 sterling silver jewelry stays beautiful is to keep it clean. Your jeweler is always a great resource for cleaning your fine jewelry and for advice on jewelry-safe cleaners for specific pieces and materials. If you're doing it at home:

Use a soft polishing non metal-based grit cloth or a soft non-abrasive cloth or purchase chemically treated polishing clothes especially designed for jewelry polishing from the jeweler to clean on pieces you frequently wear.It is helpful for removing any dirt or oils.
Use detergents for a more thorough clearing.Such as place a few pinches of baking soda or other mild non-phosphate detergents on your jewelry, then wash with mineral free water by either rubbing with fingers or using a soft cloth.

Scrubbers or soft tooth brushes may be used for a deeper cleaning only if necessary, since they may scratch the surface and dull the jewelry's luster.

Use only cleaners recommended or sold by your jeweler, and use cleaners specifically designed for your metal.but repeated use of liquid cleaners can result in discoloration overtime, therefore, such cleaners should only be used sparingly and only when other methods of cleaning fail.

When cleaning with any of the methods listed here, avoid directly cleaning any gemstones or you will dull the polish overtime.

The frequency of such cleanings will vary with each person, but the hard and fast rule is to wipe the piece anytime you feel the shine is looking dull or before you store the piece away for an extended period.

Have interested in How to identify sterling silver jewelry real or not,welcome to read next time.


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