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What Is the Difference Between 925 Sterling Silver And Pure Silver ?

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925 Sterling Silver vs. Pure Silver

Usually, sterling silver and silver are described as the same thing, but in reality, sterling silver is just an alloy of silver. Silver, which is usually called fine silver, consists of 99.9% pure silver. On the other hand, sterling silver consists of approximately 92.5% by weight of silver, and the remaining 7.5% (or even more) by weight of other metals,usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.Due to the high percentage of silver in ‘pure silver,’ it can not be used to make those daily rough and tuff items. Pure silver is just too soft if it is to be made or shaped into such items.

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Therefore, metal experts add other metals like copper, steel, or iron as substitutes for silver, but they will only serve to fill 7.5-8% of the entire metal so that the items made from the combination can stay in their shapes. When one adds other metals to silver to stabilize its shape, he or she is in the process of making sterling silver. The most common use of such is seen in making various 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry,such as Sterling Silver Rings,Sterling Silver Necklace,

Sterling Silver Earrings,Sterling Silver Bracelets and Sterling Silver Bangles and many others.

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Sterling silver easily loses its luster in many situations, but in the case of pure silver, it will remain non-responsive to tarnish on its surface. This is because tarnish is more responsive in alloy metals. To test the tarnish tendency of a metal or alloy, you simply have to rub your finger tightly over a shiny piece of your sample material. In sterling silvers, you usually find some dull smudges on your skin. Nevertheless, you can keep your sterling silver items shiny by using a cloth or cotton to regularly and gently clean its surface. Moreover, if you do not use your sterling silver items for a prolonged period of time, you may notice that tarnish starts to appear.

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Nowaday 925 Silver Jewelry is usually plated with Yellow Gold,Rose Gold Or Rhodium to prevent silver from turning yellow and black under oxidizing or vulcanizing conditions.So even though Sterling Silver is easy tarnish,only you choose gold plated Sterling Silver Jewelry and maintenance it well,it wont loses its luster so fast ,on the contrary,it still remain sparkly.

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Want to know How To Maintain,Store And Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry,welcome to come next time.


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